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3 Design Ideas for Your Longwood Home's Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom TilesYou may think you've planned every last detail of the bathroom remodeling project in your Longwood home, but have you chosen your new bathroom tiles? Tiles are a key feature of home improvements, and you'll find yourself browsing through an abundance of color, style, and size selections, so if you need some inspiration, take a look at the latest trends in bathroom tiles.

Shapes, Styles, and Sizes for Bathroom Tiles

  • Honeycomb Tiles – If you want to add an eclectic touch to your bathroom, select honeycomb tiles for the flooring. This geometric choice is both quirky and modern, and you can find these tiles in colors such as navy, white, and gray.
  • Faux Wood Tiles – Even though wood doesn't fare well in moist environments, you can still incorporate the look of wood in your bathroom. You can find faux wood planks in a variety of colors and grain textures. These tiles also have the advantage of having less grout than most tile, allowing you to spend less time on cleaning and maintenance.
  • Fish Scale Tiles – Homeowners with an interest in marine life and have an affinity for the beach often select fish scale tiles for their bathroom remodeling. This choice is appropriate because of your household's proximity to water when they're in the bathroom, and the roundness of the scale tiles creates a sense of tranquility.

Quick Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Remodeling experts have a lot of suggestions for homeowners regarding design choices. For instance, give your small bathroom the illusion of being larger by using the same tiles on the floors and walls to increase fluidity between the two surfaces and to open up the space. If you're painting the walls instead of applying tiles, make sure that the flooring tiles and paint are the same color.

Selecting a color palette for your bathroom remodeling can be a frustrating process because so many options are available. If you decide to use neutrals, make sure that you use more than one neutral shade to add visual interest in your bathroom. Consider pairing cool gray with crisp white or blush pink with warm ivory.

If you're having trouble choosing bathroom tiles for your Longwood home's remodeling project, contact our experienced team at R&D Builders & Renovators, Inc. for guidance in your design choices.

If you are interested in new bathroom tiles, contact our friendly, knowledgeable remodeling contractor professionals today at 386-259-5622 or complete our online request form to get started!