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3 Design Ideas for Your Longwood Home's Bathroom Tiles

You may think you've planned every last detail of the bathroom remodeling project in your Longwood home, but have you chosen your new bathroom tiles? Tiles are a key feature of home improvements

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Common Ways Your Deltona Roof Can Become Damaged

To ensure the best health and longevity of your roof, you need to stay on top of its repairs. This requires knowing what can cause it to become damaged so that you can jump on any repairs you need when you might need them... Read More

Tips On Kitchen Cabinetry For Remodeling In Deltona

Anytime you make choices during remodeling, it's always best to begin with the most visible aspect and then center the design around it. The cabinets in your new kitchen are a great place to start since they are one of the major features in the room. If you don't plan to remodel your whole kitchen, then just changing out the cabinetry will make a big impact ... Read More

4 Ways Your Volusia County Home Can Benefit From Window Replacement

At R&D Builders & Renovators, we understand the importance of home improvement projects. From bathroom remodeling to installing a new roof to a complete home renovation, we have seen how projects of all sizes can drastically impact the look and feel of a home, not to mention the value ... Read More

How to Select the Right Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home Remodeling Project

Making over your kitchen can be a rewarding project. Even if your family doesn't use the kitchen that often, this is likely to change once you have it updated and upgraded. However, before starting to remodel the kitchen in your Deltona home, there are a few things to think about ... Read More

R&D Builders & Renovators selected for 2016 Deltona, Small Business Excellence Award

R&D Builders & Renovators has been selected for the 2016 Deltona, Small Business Excellence Award in the Contractors classification by the Deltona, Small Business Excellence Award Program. Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category ... Read More

Bathroom Remodeling Design & Planning Tips

Improving your property takes plenty of planning before the design ever starts to develop. One of the first considerations you'll be making is which area of the home to start remodeling. Many choose the bathroom if they plan to focus on one room at a time. Bathroom remodeling can be really fun if the project goes smoothly ... Read More

Deland Kitchen Remodeling – What Not to Do

There is more than enough information out there about what you should do when it comes to your Deland kitchen remodeling, but what about the things you want to avoid. To be an informed and educated homeowner and consumer you have to also know what pitfalls and common mistakes to avoid. Learn from the mistakes of others, in order to prevent yourself from having the same problems. Know what to do and not to do to have the best results ... Read More

Hiring a Deltona Roofing Contractor

There are about as many roofing contractors to choose from as there are doctors, and I suggest you take the same care in choosing your Deltona roofing contractor as you would your doctor. While it's clear that you are going to want a roofing contractor that employees capable installers, and it's clear you will need to evaluate each proposal you receive and decide on ... Read More

How to Choose a Deltona Remodeling Contractor

Finding a Deltona remodeling contractor is something every homeowner should consider when they are thinking about changing certain parts of their house. Although there are those who say they can do it themselves, the fact is that there are so many factors to consider during the remodeling. An inexperienced individual might find herself not only overlooking important aspects of the project but also ... Read More

Deltona Home Remodeling: Things You Need to Know

Entering into home remodeling in Deltona can be tough especially if you’re not equipped with the necessary knowledge to go about your project. Accomplishing this task requires certain effort, budget and time to be successful. Of course, there are certain things you need to consider, such as ... Read More

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